Your Questions Answered: V-Steaming Dos and Don'ts

Your Questions Answered: V-Steaming Dos and Don'ts

Greetings, radiant souls! Today, we're wrapping up our blog series by addressing more of your burning questions regarding V-Steaming, the ancient self-care practice also known as Yoni steaming. We appreciate the curiosity and eagerness to learn more about this transformative ritual. Plus, exciting news – the Royal Throne At-Home V-Steam Spa is still available at just $70, complete with a complimentary pack of Detox Pearls with every purchase. Let's dive into the final round of dos and don'ts, ensuring you embark on your V-Steaming journey with confidence.

Can I V Steam with an Active STD?

Here's the scoop, goddesses. While steaming with an active STD is generally okay (as long as it's not fungal in nature and there are no open wounds, blisters, or genital lice), it's crucial to wait until the active phase or lice has been resolved. V-Steaming post-STD can be incredibly beneficial for tissue healing and inflammation reduction.

Can My Teenage Daughter V Steam?

Absolutely! Empowering our young women with the knowledge and tools for self-care is essential. V-Steaming can address common concerns like painful moon cycles, fertility awareness, and overall well-being. It's a beautiful way to instill a sense of control and connection with their bodies.

Why Doesn't My Doctor Recommend V Steaming?

The world of V-Steaming is rooted in ancient herbal and holistic practices, which may not align with traditional medical training. Doctors may not recommend what they aren't familiar with. Always choose wellness practices that resonate with you and your beliefs.

Luxury Diva Steam vs. Luxury Detox Pearls: The Order Question

Good news – there's no special order! Choose the one that resonates with you. If you opt for the Luxury Detox Pearls first, wait at least four days after the full 9-day detox before using the Luxury Diva Steam. If you begin with the Luxury Diva Steam, wait at least 48 hours before introducing the Luxury Detox Pearls.

Can I Use Both the Luxury Diva Steam and Luxury Detox Pearls Simultaneously?

No, queens, keep it sequential. Refer to the earlier question for the time frames needed when using each product.

Our journey through the world of Yoni steaming may be concluding for now, but your exploration and self-love odyssey continue. Remember, your well-being is a sacred journey, and we're honored to be part of it. If you ever have more questions or seek guidance, the Luxury Yoni community is always here for you.

Happy Steaming, Queens! ✨🌸


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