• Can I used the pearls if I have an IUD?

If you have an IUD, please note that there is a very small chance that the IUD my dislodge due to the strong nature of the pearls. With that said, if you would like to use our detox pearls with an IUD intact it would be at your own risk. We also recommend only using one pearl per detox if you decide to use the pearls with an IUD. Many customers have used the pearls with an IUD and had no issues but we have to provide you with that warning regardless


  • How do I know if my detox is finished?

You will know the detox is finished when there is no more discharge from the vaginal area (usually a total of 9 days). If you are not sure the detox is over, wait another 24 to 48 hours as the detox process may not be complete.


  • Can I use Luxury Detox Pearls while on my menstrual cycle?

No, you can not use the pearls while on your period. Pearls should only be used 3 or more days after your cycle ends or at least 10 days or more before your cycle begins.


  • What happens if I insert the pearls than my cycle begins?
If your cycle begins while the pearls are in, remove the pearls & continue detox 3 days after your cycle ends.

  • Can the detox pearls change my pH Balance?
Yes, there is a very small chance that the pearls may change/affect your pH Balance, especially after first use. If this happens it may cause a yeast infection for some women. For that we recommend using our B.Y.E. - Boric Acid suppositories  to remedy it.

  • Can the detox pearls cause me to get a yeast infection?
Less than 1% of women may develop a yeast infection after using the Luxury Detox Pearls especially after their first time detoxing. This may occur when/if the pearls throws the pH balance off - this does not mean that you should not/cannot use the detox pearls again as your body usually adapts to the change after the first detox. You should still reap the health benefits that the pearls provided as the herbs were still able to circulate & penetrate into your vagina and uterus. If a yeast infection occurs we recommend using our B.Y.E. suppositories and/or any other natural yeast infection remedy. You may try using the pearls again one week after the infection clears up.


  • Can I have sex if pearls are inserted?
Do NOT have intercourse while using the pearls. Your vagina will be releasing toxins/waste during the detox, having sex during detox will defeat its benefits. You can resume intercourse 2 days after you have completely detoxed & there is no more discharge from the vaginal area (around 9 days for most ladies).   



  • Can I masturbate with the pearls inserted?
Yes, as long as you are not inserting any objects into your vagina.

  • What are the side effects of using the detox pearls?
Some women may experience mild cramping, itching, mild burning, discomfort or foul odor during the detox. This is due to all the toxins being drawn out of the vagina. Not to worry, this will end when the detox is over 
  • I am trying to conceive, when should I use the detox pearls?
If you are trying to conceive you can use our detox pearls 3 days or more after your last menstrual cycle ends but not while ovulating.


  • My vagina is itchy after I inserted the pearls, what should I do?
If itching occurs, this is a sign that your body is releasing toxins. Take a warm bath and add some Epsom salt, then moisture your vagina area with coconut oil in the vaginal area and drink lots of water to help relieve these symptoms. These symptoms are more common with women that experience constant bacterial vaginosis (B.V.) & yeast infections​.
  • I can't seem to get the 2nd pearl in, it feels super tight inside - what should I do?
The pearls may tighten the vagina, especially during the detox process. If this happens you may use a small amount of our Rose Lux oil and rub on the pearl before inserting it.

  • What is the white stuff that's coming out?
In days 3 through 9 your purging process, if any, usually begins. White and other color discharge may be noticeable. This is the herbs from the pearl purging the toxin from your vagina. This is normal, do not pull it out. Let the detox process happen naturally and make sure to drink plenty water daily to help you to get a successful detox

  • Can I use the pearls if I had a Hysterectomy?
Yes, you can.

  • Can I drink alcohol if I have the pearls inserted?
Yes you can. However,  we recommend refraining from alcohol during your detox so that you will get a thorough cleanse. 

  • I am urinating very often since inserting the pearls, is this normal?
Yes, it is normal to have frequent urination during the detox, especially if you are drinking the recommended amount of water.

  • Can I use the detox pearls while pregnant?
No, you can not. Even though the herbs in the pearls are natural, we do not know how it will affect your baby. We want to make sure your baby is safe, so avoiding the detox pearls while pregnant is our recommendation.
  • How soon should I do my second cleanse? 
We recommend waiting until the following month before doing a second cleanse.

  • I took the pearls out, and they still look the same like when I put it in. What's wrong?
Pearls looking the same after being removed is normal. Most women won't start purging and releasing toxins until day 4 of the detox. Some women will not purge white stuff, this is also normal and doesn't mean that the detox did not work. Remember, every woman is different and each individual result will vary.​Continue to drink lots of water and check your vagina especially when in the shower and after using the toilet as sometimes when you wipe is when you will see the detox coming out.
  • I feel like my skin clearing up after using the pearls, is this so?
Yes, that is possible because while the herbs are inserted in the vagina it is  absorbed by your entire body and the natural ingredients then becomes beneficial to the entire body which can cause clearing of your skin.


  • How soon after giving birth, miscarriage or abortion can I use the pearls?

 We recommend waiting 3 months after any of the above before using the   pearls (Not to be used if breastfeeding)

  • Will the pearls cure my STD?
The pearls do not cure sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

  • Can I use the pearls if I am breastfeeding?
No, you can not. Even though the herbs in the pearls are natural. We wouldn't want them to circulate through your body and get into your breast milk and your baby be allergic or the herbs be too strong for your baby's consumption.​

  • Can I use the pearls if I am a virgin?
No, you can not. Due to the strong nature of the herbs in our detox pearls you may lose your hymen if you use this product.

  • I am spotting a bit is that normal?
Yes, the pearls promote blood flow so some women may experience spotting during and right after the detox. The spotting should end in a few days.
  • How often can I use the detox pearls?
We recommend using our pearls no more than 2 times per month. Listen to your body to determine how often you should detox. You may choose to detox 2 times a month  in the beginning then change  to 1 time every  1- 3 months going forward.

  • I inserted the pearl without unraveling the string, what should I do?
          If you inserted the pearl without unraveling the string you can either wait to see if the pearl will come down naturally or use a douche bottle with water and squeeze inside the vagina to help the pearl to come down.
  • Is the mesh suppose to stay on the pearl?
  •           Yes, do not remove the mesh.

    • I have the Luxury Diva Steam and Luxury Detox Pearls, which one should I use first?
    There is no special order in which they should be used. You can use whichever one you are drawn to the most first. There is no right or wrong way. If you use the Luxury Detox Pearls first - wait at least 4 days after your full 9 day detox ends before using our Luxury Diva Steam . If you use the Luxury Diva Steam first then wait at least 48 hours before using The Luxury Detox Pearls.


    • Between The Luxury Diva Steam and The Luxury Detox Pearls which one is better?
    Both products provide different but similar results. Our Detox Pearls provide a deep more immediate vaginal detox in removing toxins and you may purge (actually toxins "white stuff" being released from your vagina). While our Luxury Diva Steam provides a milder but still very effective cleanse and can be done more often that the pearls. So it really depends on what you are looking for.


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