Sex Talk: Why Foreplay Keeps Things Spicy

Sex Talk: Why Foreplay Keeps Things Spicy

Have you hit the point in your relationship where things feel stagnant between the sheets? Don’t you hate when things are predictable and routine like you already know your partner’s next move? It sounds like you need to up your foreplay. Pre-sex play is vital to keeping things spicy. 

Let’s keep it real: "Quickies" certainly have their time and place, but couples who continuously skip foreplay are passing up a great way to get emotionally and physically warmed up and even have great moments of vulnerability between them. Foreplay is crucial for a great and healthy sex life. 

For women, foreplay can actually make sex more pleasurable. "When a woman's body becomes aroused, the vaginal muscles pull the uterus up a bit, making more room in the vagina. That’s literally why you can “feel it” down there when you are hot and bothered. This process is called vaginal tenting and it creates more space, which makes sex more enjoyable as your partner enters. 

Curious about bringing foreplay back into your sex life but don’t know where to start? Let us help you: 

Go With The Flow

The truth is, there’s no right or wrong way to bring on foreplay. Following your partner's energy is the easiest way to see where things take you. Aim to spend at least 5-10 minutes without touching genitals. The point is to tease for arousal before actually being intimate. 


Say what you’re feeling. Say what you want. Say what you’re thinking and be open to talking to each other. 

Get close

This experience is all about intimacy and sharing space together. Think more than cuddles –what else can you do to be close? Maybe shower together, massage each other, dress or undress each other. Getting close is the perfect time to pull out LuxuryYoni’s Date Night Trio. 

The trio comes with everything you need for a night of ecstasy: Our V'Licious Foam Me Up - pH Balanced Feminine Wash

Is perfect for making sure you’re clean and ready for intimacy. The Grip Stick will make sure it’s right and tight in under 45 seconds, then the Rose Lux Elixir Oil will help you remain moist for you and your partner's satisfaction. 

Enjoy Sensual Touch

After that lovely shower, make sure you take touching to the next level by giving your partner a body rub with our Rose Luxe Elixir Oil. While it’s gentle enough to be used inside of you, it’s also moisturizing enough to use for a full body massage. 


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