Red Table Talk V Steam

Red Table Talk V Steam

Every so often, celebrities share their best kept secrets of self-care. This time, it was on National TV. The three hosts of Red Table Talk — Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris — took the ancient practice of vaginal steaming public!

In the episode, all three women can be seen lowering themselves onto a bowl of steam while wearing silk purple dresses. "What sensation are you guys getting sitting here?” Jada asked her daughter and mom. "Definitely a lot of warmth," Willow replied. “Yeah. This is real queen throne action right here. This is what I love," Jada added.

The women discuss the need for women to spend more time connecting with their own bodies. "This is lovely," said Jada. "They say there's lots of health benefits, but for me, I just feel like spending time with your vagina in a way that, like, just to just show it appreciation and care.”

The steamy experience was just a snippet of the episode, called "Meet Our Wellness Queen," which features Pinkett Smith's longtime friend and holistic healer Queen Afua, who talks about the importance of treating your vagina and entire body with care and love.

Witnessing celebrities endorse the practice of v-steaming really pushes the initiative forward that we have our health and wellness in the palm of our hands. 

V-steaming is one of the most quietly kept secrets for women's health. With the average woman facing reproductive health issues being as high as 15 percent in America, we know first-hand that this is a serious matter that needs to be addressed. That’s why we are so passionate about offering you wellness through yoni-steam products.

If you want the full on experience like the hosts, Jada, Willow and Adrienne, of Red Table Talk, check out our Luxury Diva V-Steam Combo with the Gown so that you can see for yourself how to treat your yoni to some tender love and care.


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