5 easy ways to maintain a Healthy pH

5 easy ways to maintain a Healthy pH

Feminine self-care is an integral part of general well being. Vaginal health is a concern of every woman because having problems with your vagina affects your confidence and sexuality. The vagina has a pH that can be acidic, and this depends on how old a woman is.


The levels of good and bad bacteria in a vagina are what determine the pH acidity. Good bacteria helps to keep the vagina healthy and infection-free. A healthy vagina has a pH ranging from 3.8 to 4.5. Any difference from this will likely lead to the growth of infection. Vaginas are self-lubricating, and a healthy vagina secretes a bit of discharge. 


Vagina discharge should be clear to white and not have any strong odor. Also, it should not cause any forms of discomfort or itchy sensations. If any of these occurs, it would be due to an infection or a pH imbalance. How can you fix a pH imbalance, and restore your vaginal health? Here are some everyday tips to incorporate into your daily Self-care routine


  • Healthy eating

Ever heard the phrase 'you are what you eat'? It applies to your vagina too. The rules are simple. If you maintain a nutritious diet and increase your fluid intake, your vagina fares better. Sugary drinks, excessive alcohol, and unhealthy eating disrupt regular bacteria activity. Certain foods are crucial to promote vaginal health. Yogurt helps to restore pH and breeds good bacteria. Cranberries are great for people who are susceptible to UTIs.


  • Excellent hygiene practices

Your vagina deserves proper care. Caring for it requires that you do not wash with heavily artificial scented, or strong chemical filled soaps. As they are not suitable for you and will disrupt your natural pH. Natural washes like the V’Licious Foam Me Up are a better option for you because it is made from natural, organic ingredients and is pH balanced. It also contain natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Tea-tree oils that will help you maintain regular pH imbalance. You can purchase it here.


  • Safe sex

Condoms, of any kind, will help you stay free of STIs. If you engage in anal sex, be sure to not allow vaginal contact in between. Also, do not share sex toys. Wash sex toys with Natural soap like V'Licious Foam Me Up Feminine Wash and warm water to stay germ-free. Keeping multiple partners is not advisable as it puts you at risk of getting an infection.


  • Medical help

Regular visits to your gynecologist are important. These routine checks can help detect reproductive health issues early enough so that they do not cause a problem. It would help if you informed appropriate medical personnel about any changes out of the normal that you notice in your body. Your general health sometimes determines your vaginal health.


  • Vaginal care

Keep a lifestyle that puts your reproductive health first. Understand that your vagina needs to breathe, and that is why cotton underwear is best to wear. If you are prone to yeast infections, you should get out of sweaty clothes as soon as you can. Tight-fitting clothes are not suitable for you also. When sleeping loose the underwear and allow your vagina to breathe.


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