3 Reasons Your Vagina Might Be Itching

3 Reasons Your Vagina Might Be Itching

Some of the most common reasons for vaginal itching are going to be right in your home. One culprit is the detergents filled with chemicals we use to wash our underwear. The chemicals in these products can be extremely irritating

Your vagina is just as sensitive if not more sensitive than your face. You wouldn't use the soap you use on your body for your face right? So why are you using it on your vagina? 😲 Start using a wash that was designed specifically for your vagina, like our Foam Me Up by V'Licious pH balanced, gentle & natural feminine wash

2. Scratching down there isn't an unusual self-soothing mechanism when stressed and it can lead to what is called  itch-scratch cycle. Not only do you get used to scratching when you’re stressed, that activity can create microtears that only result in more itching.

3. This infamous cause of vaginal irritation Is a Yeast Infection,  Bacterial Vaginosis or even an STI and other vaginal infections

V Steam with Royal Throne Combo on a consistent basis can help ease the itch , balance your PH and relax your mind

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