Royal Throne - Luxe In-Home V Steam Spa

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Every woman deserves to EXPERIENCE a The Royal Throne V Steam and enjoy well needed ME TIME while healing, cleansing and detoxing the body.

Royal Throne Premium Portable Electronic V Spa Steam Seat includes: 
  • 3 FREE empty herb bags to put loose steam herbs in
  • 3 FREE sanitary seat covers
  • 1 FREE measuring cup
  • 1 filter 
  • 1 replacement fuse

    What women are saying

    "Just unpackaged my royal throne and it allows the traditional yoni cleaning experience, with a modern twist! I absolutely loooove it! The sanitary seat liners are another great accessory to maintain cleanliness." - S.A.

    Imagine being able to have a space in your home where you can go to be wrapped in warmth and steam, surrounded by the fresh aroma of the heated, soothing steam herbs, candles lit and a glass of your favorite drink or tea. Where you are able to gently nourish and cleanse your body while getting much needed ME time you deserve. With The Royal Throne Portable V Spa, you have everything you need to create that space and take part in this self care & wellness practice.

    The Royal Throne is our Premium Portable, Electronic Luxury V Spa Steam seat. This Throne was designed to provide the convenient & modern upgrade to V steaming . It allows women to enjoy a luxurious V Steam EXPERIENCE in the comfort of their home. Making V steaming at home easy, accessible, relaxing, luxurious and convenient for every woman by merging modern technology with this amazing ritual.

    Supports up to 280 lbs.

    No hassle, easy and convenient!
    Built in stainless steel container boils water in minutes (no need to use a pot or stove)
    Soft memory foam seat cushion keeps you comfortable during steaming
    Digital heat level control so you can easily adjust steam levels for your desired comfort
    Promotes a Queen-like experience
    Supports up to 280 lbs. during use
    Built in timer will automatically turn the machine off after 35 minutes
    LED indicator light
    Easy to clean
    Easy to store
    Voltage: 110 V
    Item dimension: 11.4 x 10.8 x 14

    What is V Steaming?
    V Steaming also known as yoni steaming is a traditional natural cleansing and self-care practice that has been used by women for centuries throughout various cultures. This self-care practice involves a woman sitting over an infusion of herbs in warm water. The warmth of the medicinal herbs are absorbed and circulated into the reproductive system where they help to stimulate healing, cleansing, detoxing, and nourish and cleanse old residue in the vaginal canal and womb. It is a gentle support to women's wellness. V Steam has been known to have amazing functions for women who have heavy menstrual cycles, vaginal dryness, and yeast infections, hormonal imbalance and pH balance issues, as well as promote self-love and care.

    Remove the chamber from the base by twisting gently
    Add up to 3 tbsp of Diva Steam Herbs to empty herb bag
    Poor water into the stainless steel container (water should go in stainless steel container only)
    Re-attach the chamber to the base and plug in The Royal Throne
    Remove the dust cover and long press on button to power on, then select your desired temperature setting and allow the water to start boiling before sitting
    Put on your Luxury Diva Gown and sit comfortably on your Throne. If you don't have the Luxury Diva Gown you may wrap a towel or blanket around your waist to contain the steam
    Steam for 20-30 minutes
    See instruction pamphlet inside for more instructions and precautions

    Once finished, long press to power off Throne and unplug the device
    Discard herbs and water in your garden, compost, or trash after steaming
    Let the Throne cool down then add 2-3 drops of vinegar and wipe the stainless steel container to disinfect


    DO NOT steam while pregnant
    DO NOT steam while on your menstrual cycle
    DO NOT steam if you have open genital sores
    DO NOT steam longer than 45 minutes
    DO NOT use on carpet, to avoid blocking the air vents
    Remove genital piercings before steaming


    If you are pregnant, consult your health care provider prior to using this product.

    Results not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    The royal throne is everythiiiiinnnnggggg!

    Just unpackaged my royal throne and it allows the traditional yoni cleaning experience, with a modern twist! I absolutely loooove it! The sanitary seat liners are another great accessory to maintain cleanliness.

    Let’s change your Lifestyle

    I must say this machine has changed my lifestyle for the good if you purchase you won’t be disappointment what you will be adding a new routine to your lifestyle thank me later😊 a must have!!!!

    Kathleen Jackson
    Please get herbs diva ASAP

    I would love to have herbs to use with New machine you guys have not had no herbs Hope herbs will be available release so so I can use my new machine I was speaking on diva herbs please get them in let me know then I can give a proper review thanks

    Jessica C.
    Great!! 👍

    Meant to give it 5 STARS on my previous reviews! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


    Shipping was fast, the price was worth it. It works quick on level 5 but then once it’s ready for steaming I put it down to level 4. I love it because it doesn’t take up too much space. I hate the basins they don’t stay warm for a long time and I hate the whole process of it. This one is quick, easy and satisfying. The after care part is easy. I do not regret this purchase.

    Okay so I’ve been debating for a while whether or not to invest in this thing due to its high price. Let me just say YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Not only is this steam spa so very convenient and easy to use, the clean up is very minimal and it takes the hassle out of having to use the stove! Everything happens in the steamer and I am so happy I bought this.

    Made with only clean ingredients

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